Makeblock mBot Ranger 3-in-1 educational robot kit for Age 10+

3 in 1 Programmable Robotic System Kit

mBot Ranger is an advanced version of mBot, that comes with 3 preset forms, for three times the fun! From construction and operation through to programming, Ranger allows children to receive STEAM education in a simple and fun way. Ranger also gets children started on robot programming, advancing with them as they grow and develop their problem solving abilities.


Makeblock mBot Ranger 3-in-1 educational robot kit for Ages 10+

Makeblock proudly presents our innovative mBot Ranger robot kit. The mBot Ranger robot packs a lot of fun into a small package. The mBot Ranger robot is a mechanical Wonder that challenges young programmers with innovative ways to explore the science of robotics.

  • The mBot Ranger is an advanced robot for young inventors.
  • Learn as you go technology challenges children to grow with their creations.
  • The mBot Ranger can be assembled in as little as 45 minutes.
  • Once your child has mastered the first robot, they have a multitude of options to design their own creations.
  • There are hundreds of add-on parts and packages to help enhance your mBot Ranger or create new robots.
  • Unleash your child’s imagination with the mBot Ranger!


Follow the easy to read guide provided or design your own unique robot. Your child’s imagination is the limit. Create, enhance and explore designer options to create new variations of the mBot Ranger. Pa and personalize mBot Ranger with special add-on packs. With a few basic skills, your child can rapidly bring their creativity to life.

  • It’s easy to code the mBot Ranger from your smartphone with the Make block blocks app (iOS/Android).
  • Advanced coding software is also available (windows/macOS/Linux/chrome OS) and is one of make block’s most popular entry-level coding programs.


With multiple integrated functions, mBot Ranger is the ideal companion for children as they explore the world

mBot Ranger integrates six types of sensor including: Light sensor, Temperature sensor, Sound sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Line Follower sensor and Gyroscope. This broad range of sensors allows Ranger to perform a variety of functions including data collection, line following and obstacle avoidance. Children can also use Ranger to work on interesting projects, such as traversing the Antarctic to assist with scientific research!

Play with your child and grow together

  • mBot Ranger’s cool and ever-changing form has gripped children, both young and old, all over the world. With systematic teaching materials, parents can explore with their children, and work side by side with them to overcome difficulties and relish the joys of success.
  • Children can also participate in the MakeX international robotics competition, where they can compete in round after round of fun and stimulating competition. It’s a challenge that constantly improves their programming, mechanics, and strategy skills. Competing as a team in the tournament is also a great way for children to build friendships and learn.

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