SMART Board® Pro series

SMART Board Pro for Business

Enhance team productivity

SMART Board Pro series displays empower colleagues to collaborate across devices, offices and time zones as if they were in the same room. With SMART, there’s no barrier to what teams can achieve. Simply walk up and use for faster breakthroughs, enhanced productivity and serious ROI.

Turn your meeting rooms into connected workspaces

One-touch launch. Dynamic collaboration. PDF recaps. SMART TeamWorks™ software gives your team the ultimate end-to-end collaboration experience, with ease-of-use and flexibility – from any device, on any conferencing platform.

Where ideas are born and big decisions are made

SMART Board 6000 Pro series

7000 Pro series

Our flagship interactive display with the most advanced touch, writing and collaborative experience for faster breakthroughs.


SMART Board 6000 Pro series

6000 Pro series

Our most popular display increases productivity, while reducing meeting time by looping in more minds, insights and perspectives at once.


SMART Collaboration Software

Plan. Collaborate. Recap.

Empowering your team with dynamic collaboration tools helps boost productivity and inspire breakthroughs. SMART TeamWorks software is an end-to-end visual collaboration solution designed to leverage the power of SMART Board® interactive displays for fast, flexible and limitless collaboration.

Unbound workspaces

Don’t bother erasing. Just keep working. SMART Meeting Pro lets teams capture ideas in the virtually unlimited interactive workspace. The Unbound Workspace expands as colleagues add images, files, links and notes – even over multiple displays and meetings – for enhanced collaboration.

Push updates. Send messages. Run diagnostics.

SMART Remote Management lets you efficiently maintain, secure and support all your devices – including SMART Board displays with iQ.

Any device. Any location

SMART Remote Management lets education and business administrators maintain, control and secure devices from any web browser. Designed to centrally manage iOS®, Android™, Chrome OS™ and Windows® devices, and SMART Board® displays with iQ – SMART Remote Management is your one-stop solution.

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