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Get simple. Get connected. Get engaging.

SMART Board Interactive displays feature an intuitive user experience teachers can master from day one, plus built-in maintenance and upgrades. With exceptional value for any edtech budget, there’s a SMART Board interactive display for your classrooms.
SMART Board interactive displaysSMART Board interactive displays

“Adding interactive tech has resulted in a more collaborative approach to teaching, leading to greater engagement from our students and stronger learning outcomes. Working with SMART, we’ve been able to create classrooms for the future.”

- Andy Percival,

Deputy Head Teacher, UK

A SMART display for every classroom

SMART Board Interactive Displays GX series

GX Series: All the essentials for a great price

Touch technology: Advanced IR
65”, 75”, 86” Screen size
SMART Board Interactive Displays MX series

MX Series: Powerfully Simple

Touch technology: HyPr Touch™ with InGlass™
55″, 65”, 75”, 86” Screen size
SMART Board Interactive Displays 6000S series

6000s Series: Best in Class

Touch technology: HyPr Touch™ with InGlass™
65”, 75”, 86” screen size

Powerful tech that’s easy to use and maintain.

SMART Board - Seamless user experience

Seamless user experience

Our interactive displays are designed to provide the simplicity teachers need, with industry -leading touch and ink capability that allows users to walk up and use their displays from day one. The result? SMART Board interactive displays are used more easily, more effectively, and more often.
SMART Board - Simple administration and upgrades

Simple administration and upgrades

We’ve made maintenance a breeze, with simple administration out-of-the-box. Our iQ-powered displays include automatic over-the-air feature updates, robust remote management software and more.

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Powered by iQ
Powered by iQ

One seriously powerful platform

Our Android-based user experience designed specifically for educators makes it easy for any teacher to maximize their display’s potential in the classroom, regardless of technology comfort level.

Integration is easy with SMART Board interactive displays

Your display comes with software made for education, as well as free lessons and resources – no subscription needed.
From implementation to training, professional development and consultation, we support every step of the way.
Swap insights and ideas with thousands of educators across the world when you join the thriving SMART community.
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SMART Supports Mac, Windows & Chrome OS

Supports Windows®, Mac® and Chrome OS

Get full SMART Board® capabilities on any connected Windows or Mac PC and any app, including 20 points of touch, intuitive tools and inking. SMART Board interactive displays integrate seamlessly with Google and Microsoft and support a true multi-user experience on Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS.

Do you have radio and Bluetooth restrictions?

Need the tech rundown? We’ve got a chart for that.

Compare complete specs for the 6000S, MX and GX series.

World-class security and quality in every interactive display

BIN Exceptional privacy security

Exceptional privacy & security

Our built-in iQ platform allows for robust collaboration while protecting student data and user information. We take pride in offering outstanding security without compromising on interactivity.
BIN - Backed by SMART quality

Backed by SMART quality

Our customers have less maintenance and minimal troubleshooting. That’s because our designs are informed by 30 years of market-leading research and innovation.

Included with every SMART Board interactive display - no subscription required

SMART Board interactive displays come equipped with teaching tools that make learning fun

Exceptional privacy & security

Every display includes our award-winning SMART Notebook software for lesson creation and delivery.

Free lessons + resources

Included interactive teaching tools and lesson resources save teachers time and enhance student engagement.
Powered by iQ

Powered by iQ

Built-in lesson delivery software and ready-made teaching resources make it easy to add interactivity and increase student engagement with only a few clicks.

Enhance distance learning with SMART Chromebox

Bridge classroom and at-home learning with SMART Chromebox G3, a cost-effective, low-maintenance device that allows teachers to run Chrome OS. Access the Google Play Store and all your apps and lessons easily from any connected monitor or display – without a Chromebook or computer.
Enhance distance learning with SMART Chromebox
Customize with SMART accessories

Customize with SMART accessories

Connect your classroom with SMART accessories including remote management software, Chromebox, document cameras, mobile and wall stands, OPS PC modules and more.

A few more reasons why we’re the SMART choice for your classrooms.

SMART Learning Suite including Lumio™

Deliver blended learning better with advanced education software. Get one year free with the MX and 6000S.
SMART Professional learning

Professional learning

Get complimentary professional learning plans, online courses, certifications and webinars that cover both functional and pedagogical topics.
SMART Deployment & Implementation

Deployment and Installation

Our install services make implementation of your devices worry-free. Our authorized technicians manage and coordinate the whole process, from start to finish.

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