XJ-F211WN WXGA Real 3500 lumens

Projector Wxga 3500L – Standard Focal Lens Interactive Led Technology No Digital Generic School Luminosity 3,500 Ansi Lume Relationship Cont

Classes can be conducted smoothly and freely, with students deepening their understanding through active interaction among all the class members.

The C-Connection network projection app (Windows or Mac) required.


One Click Connection

Classes can begin right away by clicking on the One Click Connection (“OCC” hereinafter) icon set up for each classroom, creating a wireless connection with the projector and initiates projection. Time and effort spent on setting-up are significantly reduced.


Connection Setting on Browser

Creation of the OCC file and the projector connection settings can be conducted on the IT manager’s web browser. This spares IT managers the trouble of constructing a network environment.


During Class


Moderator Function

This function makes it possible to manage the projection operations of students’ PCs collectively by smartphone or tablet. The teacher can select any student’s PC from anywhere in the classroom and project the relevant contents onto the screen immediately. A maximum of 40 devices can be connected simultaneously including teacher’s devices (depending on user’s network environment).

The C-Connection network projection app (Windows /Mac /Chrome), or MirrorOp Presenter(Android /iOS) required.


For Presentation

Students can click the OCC icon to indicate completion of a classroom assignment, making it easy for the teacher to select students for presentation.


For Discussion

The PC screens of up to four students can be projected simultaneously, initiating discussions and accelerate learning. Select the screens you want to show on the spot and project them immediately, ease up presentation transitions.


PC/Projector Remote

Remote control of the PC and projector by smartphone or tablet enables teachers to project the students’ screens.


Projector Remote

Remote switching can be conducted as appropriate – among document camera, DVD player or other device is connected to the projector.


Projector Remote


End of Class

Auto Projection OFF

Pressing the stop button on the C-Connection network projection app removes projected image from the screen while maintaining the network connection status. One Click Connection is all it takes to start the next class immediately. No need to turn the power ON/OFF before and after every class, preparation and tidying up are trouble free.

  •  A new projection session can be started using the same signal within 20 minutes of Auto Projection OFF.
  • Wired use is also possible by plugging in and unplugging a cable.
Auto Power OFF After 20 Minutes

After 20 minutes in the Auto Projection OFF mode, the projector’s main power supply is turned off automatically.


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