Wolfvision Cynap

Cynap: The centerpiece of the modern classroom, meeting room & courtroom

  • Document & media player
  • Whiteboard & annotation
  • Wireless screen sharing
  • Recording & streaming
  • Zoom/MS Teams/WebRTC meetings

Powerful, multi-functional, all-in-one presentation and collaboration system, providing quick and easy access to information of all types from any source. Also used as the ‘main station’ for our MATRIX collaboration solution.



App-free dongle-free screen sharing: Connect and share your screen using the wireless technology that’s built into your own mobile device. Our wireless BYOD solutions suit all iOS, iPad OS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows, and Mac devices – with full support for AirPlay, Chromecast, and Miracast screen mirroring.

Record your content: Cynap™ lets you record all your multi-window, multimedia content. Everything is captured in high definition and saved internally – perfect for use as part of your online educational program. The included Capture feature pack enables operation as a capture agent for Panopto, Kaltura, Opencast, and other compatible video management platforms.


Instant access to Zoom meetings

Support for Zoom and MS Teams web conferencing makes it easy to start an instant meeting or join a scheduled Zoom meeting directly from within a Cynap Pure Pro. Support for WebRTC web conferencing is also provided.

  • Stream & record to mobile: Our unique vSolution App for iOS, iPad OS, Android, and Windows lets your audiences receive and record a live stream of presentation or lecture content from Cynap™ onto their own smartphones and tablets.
  • Freedom to present: Cynap™ plays, displays, records, and streams all commonly used media at the same time, giving you an unlimited choice of materials during presentations, lectures, and active learning classes. Access your data easily via Cloud, network drive, or from mobile devices – even your laptop is no longer essential – you can simply bring your content on a USB stick, or download it directly from the Cloud!
  • Annotate over any open window: Add to your content material using our built-in annotation features – or note down your ideas using the digital whiteboard, and save the output of both for future use.



  • Touchback control: Use a touchscreen monitor to control your Windows laptop wirelessly while working at the main screen.
  • 3 Years Warranty: Cynap / Cynap Core systems come with a 3-year limited warranty, which can be extended to 5 years at the time of purchase.
  • Free firmware, no license fees: Regular firmware updates provide you with new features and improvements, helping to extend the life of your investment, and maximize your ROI.
  • Integrated web browser: Display web-based content side by side on-screen, together with your regular presentation materials, for incredible flexibility in classrooms or meeting rooms.
  • Enterprise level security: Custom-built, closed, Linux system offering 100% wireless data encryption, IEEE802.1x authentication, plus customizable security features giving you the level of protection you require.
  • Remote management & updates: Our free of charge vSolution Link Pro software enables easy remote setup, monitoring, management, and updating of WolfVision systems.
  • Room Control APIs: Prepared modules and customizable APIs are available for WolfVision systems, enabling them to communicate with Room Control Systems via LAN or USB.
  • Office 365 Feature Pack: Offers MS Teams web conferencing client and provides access to other popular Office 365 apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote (active Office 365 account required).
  • vSolution Meeting: Room booking functionality that interfaces seamlessly with Outlook Calendar for outstanding management of your meeting spaces.
  • Capture Feature Pack: Enables operation as capture agent for Panopto, Kaltura, Opencast and other compatible video management platforms, for secure, reliable, scheduling, recording, processing, and management of video recordings.
  • Webcasting feature pack: Enables streaming of lecture or meeting content for live or on-demand viewing via Wowza, YouTube, Facebook, etc.



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