Qdee IoT Programmable Application Kit

Hiwonder Qdee IoT Kit provides full learning experience on IoT concept. Sensors and Modules provides immediate data reading and control through Qdee IoT apps.

Program and control the functions of each sensor and module using Desktop Software and make make them work together to create automated IoT project such as Hydroponic and Smart Home Control.

Expansion Pack also available to create even more exciting IoT project to help solve real-world problem.

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– Qdee IoT is a programmble IoT start kit based on micro:bit.
– The kit supports for iOS and Android APP programming and control.
– It comes with detailed tutorial materials, which is convenient for users to learn and use.

Based on micro:bit, Qdee IoT kit can transmit data to cloud platform or cellphones via WiFi.

Qdee IoT kit creates more possibilities for your micro:bit. With the theme of smart home, it can be combined with cloud platform and micro:bit to build an Internet of Things and software environment, allowing you to easily simulate smart life scenes and make learning programming more enjoyable.

– Qdee IoT Kit Makes AI Easier: Artificial intelligence/ IoT scene learning / micro:bit programming
– 18 Electric Modules: There are 18 electronic modules, including fan module, pump module, temperature humidity sensor and soil sensor. They can be used with cloud terminal and cellphone APP to realize IoT functions such as smarter watering flowers and temperature humidity detection. No programming is needed.
– Graphical Programming: Drag to program. Perfect starter kit for kids and green hands.
– PC Programming: It can be used to acquire IoT knowledge and study basic electronic modules via PC programming.
– Rich Learning Materials: Detailed tutorial materials are provided. If you are a starter, you can learn IoT and programming step by step. If you are a advanced user, it can help you make more creative projects.

– Programming Software: Qdee IoT & MakeCode Offline Version
– Controller: Main Controller (micro:bit main board+micro:bit expansion board)
– Communications System: WiFi Module (Bidirectional Communications)
– Input Device: Button, wireless communications, Bluetooth, acceleration meter, electronic compass, temperature humidity sensor, soil sensor, light sensor, ultrasonic sensor, sound sensor and IR sensor
– Output Device: Fan module, pump module, digital tube module, buzzer, RGB module, LED matrix and IR transmitter
– Software Downloading Tool: USB Data Cable
– Module Connection Tool: 4Pin Cables (4pcs 20cm & 4pcs 30cm)

Standard Version Included:
– 1 x Controller
– 1 x WiFi Module
– 1 x Digital Tube Module
– 1 x Light Sensor
– 1 x Soil Sensor
– 1 x Temperature Humidity Sensor
– 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor
– 1 x Three-bladed Fan
– 1 x Micro:bit Main Board(Optional)
– 1 x Fan Module
– 1 x Compartment/Case
– 1 x Pump Sensor
– 1 x Water Pipe 1M
– 1 x Data Cable for Android
– 4 x 4PIN Sensor Cables 20cm
– 4 x 4PIN Sensor Cables 30cm

Note: Batteries are not included in the package.

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