Me3D Printer – Classroom Bundle

No distractions, just 3D printing

“Not just a printer, its a capability”…If you want to bring 3D printing to the classroom, this all-in-one bundle gives you everything you need to run with a larger group of students for a full 2 years.

  • Upfront you’ll get:
  • 6 x Me2 3D printers (including accessories)
  • 24kg of assorted materials and colours
  • One day of set up and adoption training with your teachers
  • Unlimited BuildFlow accounts for all of your students with curriculum-linked education content.
  • Over the 2 year period we will also ensure you get: regular check-ins and a full repair and maintenance cycle for each of your machines.

Me2 3D Printer is Faster, Lighter, Simpler.

All bundles include 3D printers, Materials, Support and access to the BuildFlow platform. We have a package available for you whether you are looking for a printer to use at home or a capability to roll out to an entire school.

  • Considered Design – Me2 is open and simple to allow total engagement with the print process. Portable, light weight with a built in handle. There are no annoying tweaks or adjustment to be made, just click print and it works.
  • Safe and Robust – Our materials are non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to use uncovered in a classroom environment. There are no large hot moving parts to be careful of. The Me2 calibrates before each and every print so it can be moved around the school and still work perfectly.
  • Serviceable and Hackable – Me2 can be maintained with simple hand tools, with everything visible and easily accessible. The modular extruder can be unplugged and exchanged easily.

BuildFlow Software Features

  • User Friendly – Easy workflow management tools take the hassle out of complex projects.
  • Student Management – Teacher accounts with the power to manage and edit student users accounts.
  • Wireless Printing – Wireless printing for a less complicated and portable set up.
  • Remote Management – Ability to connect to your printer from remote locations.
  • Personal Design Library – Organize, search and manage your personal library of 3D printable designs.
  • Lesson Plans and Resources – Curriculum linked lesson plans and other teacher resources to assist you in the classroom.

Me3D Material Features

  • Me3D Silk was made to show off the best that 3D printing can be. The material features incredible crisp colours, These beautiful materials give a silky surface and a highly consistent result, reducing the need for post-processing and adding a professional finish to every print. It also comes in a broad range of stunning colours
  • Me3D Max was created for everyday use in classrooms and schools. It’s 5x as strong as typical PLA materials, prints with an incredible surface finish with no odor. It does not require a heated bed so it’s safer and faster to print with than many other plastics.
  • Me3D Flex is a flexible TPU material with a shore hardness of 55D. It has exceptional adhesion and can be used to create very strong and tough parts when printed with a thick wall or soft compliant parts when printed with thin wall or sections.
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 43 cm

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