Matatalab Lite – An easy-to-use hands-on coding robot set for kids aged 3+

Developing problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration to your kids thru hands-on coding gameplays. Kids discover the fun of basic coding concepts such as sequencing, conditionals and debugging and will constantly be challenged with advanced tasks.

It consists of a responsive robotic car and a wireless Controller with 3 modes



Matatalab Lite is an adorable and easy-to-use coding robot ready to take young kids aged 3+ on an exciting coding adventure. It consists of a responsive robotic car and a wireless Controller with 3 modes (toggle between modes on the side of the controller) – (i) control mode (ii) coding mode, and (iii) sensor mode.

  • Control Mode – Kids can use the Controller as a remote control or take control using the gyro feature. The gyro feature controls the robotic car’s direction through the rotation of the wrist. When the robotic car comes across different colors, the robot will also make amazing sounds!

  • Coding Mode – By pressing the arrow keys on the controller you can code the robotic car where to go! The specific lights on the controller will help kids remember their commands and help them to run “debugging” jobs. Kids learn fundamental coding concepts and critical thinking skills through interactive games and hands-on play.
  • Sensor Mode – When your kids are ready for the next challenge (age 6+) they can learn how to use the sensor mode. The sensor mode can be unlocked either through an extra Control Board, a Command Tower, and the Sensor coding blocks or by downloading the Matatalab App.
The sensor mode allows the robotic car to detect and react to surrounding sounds, judge, and avoid obstacles, be controlled by certain colors, and even react to light!
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