Keyestudio Micro Bit 37 in 1 Sensor Starter Kit for BBC Micro:Bit (NO Micro Bit Board )


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The BBC micro:bit is a powerful handheld, fully programmable, computer designed by the BBC. It supports the PXT  graphical programming interface developed by Microsoft and can be used under Windows, MacOS, IOS, Android and many other operating systems without additional download of the compiler.

This expansion board can be connected to external power(DC 6-12V , PH2.0 2P interface) and come with a DIP switch for controlling power. There are two groups of 4P pins extended for I2C communication interface(3.3V and 5v power supply), and another two sets of 4p pins extended for P12 and P13(3.3V and 5v power supply).


Available on backorder

At same time, this board comes with 2 groups of IO interfaces connected to micro bit control board. The signal end close to 3.3V power output is 3.3V and linked with signal terminal of micro:bit board. The signal terminal close to 5V power end is the conversion port of micro:bit board. When we set signal end to digital output(HIGH level), the signal terminal (close to 5V power end) is 5V.

When we set signal terminal to analog output(P0 P1 P2 P3 P4 P10), the signal end(close to 5V power end) is 5V*analog value/1023.

While signal end is set to analog input and the voltage of signal end is 3.3-5V, the corresponding signal end of micro:bit is 3.3V;. While its voltage is 0-3.3V, the voltage of signal terminal and signal end of micro bit is same. When the signal end(close to 5V) is set to digital input and its voltage is 2.1-5V, the corresponding signal end is high level.


  • Specially designed for Microbit board. This kit includes a keyestudio sensor shield fully compatible with micro bit and other commonly used 37 kinds of sensor modules. It’s compatible with both microbit v1.5 and v2, microbit board not include!
  • Designed to learn electronics programming. Great hands on STEM kit to get started with the micro bit. The product needs to be debugged before use, such as an LED display module. Please use an external power supply and debug the backlight brightness.
  • The kit gives 37 kinds of common sensors, such as Digital LED Module, Analog Temperature Sensor, Photocell Sensor, Ultrasonic Module etc, allow you make a lot of interesting projects like Traffic Light, Magnetic Check, Temperature Test, Joystick Test, Photo-interrupter Test, Alcohol Detection and so on.
  • Solder is very clean, everything is aligned nicely, all boards are well packed after function, voltage, current testing, protected in a beautiful box. Up to FCC and CE Standard: made from environmentally friendly components and  materials.


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