Boson Science Starter Pack


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BOSON Science Starter Pack is a set of digitalized scientific exploration tools for young scientists to build their hands-on STEM lab.

Unlike traditional scientific experiments, the BOSON Science Kit can provide precise data support and display sensor readings in real time, supporting instant data observation and recording. Furthermore, all electronic modules can be freely combined and reused, making it convenient to explore various experimental ideas or integrate them with micro:bit for further data analysis and hardware control.


Available on backorder

BOSON science starter pack brings kids:

  • 2 scientific sensors for data collection.
  • 8 scientific explorations across three different fields.
  • Plug-and-play LED monitor for instant result display.
  • Splitter module facilitates the transition from non-coding to micro:bit extension.

We have prepared eight detailed tutorials enabling science observations in Physical Science, Earth & Space Science, and Life Science. These tutorials also cover the usage with micro:bit as an expansion, facilitating the transition for students from coding-free to programming learning.

You can explore “Do plants grow better with more water?” using the BOSON Soil Moisture Sensor.

  • In the tutorial “Are we able to ‘see’ conductivity?” you will investigate how different materials and states of matter have different abilities to carry positive and negative charges.

  • 2. We often see the moon shining in the dark sky. The moon itself does not produce any light of its own, but why does it seem bright at night? And if we observe it carefully enough, we can find that the moon is not uniformly bright and there are dark shades all over it. Why is that? Following the tutorial Why Does the Moon Shine at Night? to find out.

  • With the help of the BOSON splitter module, the output signal is divided into two branches: one links to the OLED display for immediate data display, and the other links to the micro:bit for additional processing.



  • Plug and play
  • Easy setting up
  • Can be used repetitively

  • Soil Moisture Sensor x1
  • Light Sensor x1
  • OLED Module x1
  • Mainboard-1IO x1
  • 3xAAA Battery Holder x1
  • Cable 10cm x2
  • Cable 20cm x2
  • Package Box x1


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