2020 MakeX Challenge Intelligent Innovator Upgrade Pack for Courageous Traveler

What is 2020 MakeX Challenge Intelligent Innovator Upgrade Pack for Courageous Traveler?

This pack offers necessary upgrade parts for contestants who have been in the 2019 MakeX Challenge Courageous Traveler to complete the 2020 MakeX Challenge Intelligent Innovator. The pack includes DC Motor-37, Coreless Motor and its accessories, servo, Smart Camera, and adds in some structural parts and shafts.

Part list

4 x Slide Beam0824-016(Blue)
2 x Brushless Motor Bracket
4 x Gear 80T(Blue)
4 x Slide Beam0824-032(Blue)
2 x Friction Wheel D45*19.5
4 x Gear 16T(Blue)
4 x Slide Beam0824-096(Blue)
2 x Friction Wheel Ring D28*7
2 x Belt Connector(Blue)
2 x Slide Beam0824-112(Blue)
2 x PH2.0 Motor Cable
1 x Open-endTiming Belt
2 x Slide Beam2424-424(Blue)
2 x Smart Servo MS-12A
4 x 58mm Omni Wheel Shaft Coupling
2 x Brakcet 3*3(Blue)
2 x Mounting Bracket(Blue)
2 x D shaft 4*200mm
2 x Plate 7*9-B(Blue)
2 x Rudder Bracket(Blue)
2 x D shaft 4*240mm
2 x Plate0324-056(Blue)
2 x Virtual Axis
2 x D shaft 4*320mm
2 x Plate0324-072(Blue)
2 x Smart Motor Cable-20cm
2 x Shaft D8*96mm
2 x Bracket U-B
1 x Ranging Sensor
2 x Shaft D8*128mm
4 x Double Gear Rack
1 x 5V General Cable-20cm
3 x Flexible Coupling 4*4mm
2 x 37mmDC Motor 12V/200RPM
1 x 5V General Cable-60cm
4 x Shaft Collar 8mm
2 x 37mm Motor Bracket (Blue)
4 x Plastic Gear 56T
1 x Smart Camera
1 x 2824ZWW-1Z-68-11.1 Brushless Motor
4 x Plastic Gear 8T
1 x Power Module
1 x 2824ZWW-1F-68-11.1 Brushless Motor
4 x Plastic Gear 72T
2 x Brushless Motor ESC
4 x Gear 48T(Blue)
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Weight 142.60 kg
Dimensions 555 × 47 × 32.5 cm

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