MUV Bird

In the Box:

  • Bird
  • Cradle (Bird carrying case and charging device)
  • Base-unit
  • Micro USB cable for cradle charging


$780.00 $975.00

 Bird is a tiny wearable that transforms any space into a 3D interactive environment.

Touch, push, pull, swipe and grab your content from anywhere in the room; Bird is the next all-in-one solution for your at screen TVs, Smart homes appliances, virtual and augmented reality entertainment and even drones!

Bird attaches to your index finger and communicates directly with your smartphone, PC or tablet – it’s the true meaning of being free.

With Bird, you can be free to interact with your smartphone content without being chained to your device. Use your at screen television to do everything you love to do on your smartphone and transform it into a touchscreen – without actually having to touch it!

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