SMART Board 7000 Pro Series 75″ 4K UHD Interactive LED Display with iQ, SBID-7275P

Where breakthroughs happen

Breakthroughs happen faster when your teams can gather meeting notes, documentation and inspiration in one digital workspace. The SMART Board 7000 Pro series with iQ is made for quick brainstorming sessions, and connecting remote teams on all sorts of devices. The next game changer for your business is only one productive meeting away.

SMART Board 7000 Pro Series

Our flagship interactive display with the most advanced touch, writing and collaboration features for enhanced productivity and faster breakthroughs.

  • Walk in and it turns on – Dual proximity sensors automatically power up the SMART Board 7000 when you walk in the room saving time.
  • As natural as writing on paper – HyPr TouchTM technology provides lag-free writing precision and automatically identifies pen color and eraser tool.
  • Easy input access and preview – See and switch input sources on the screen and easily connect computers and accessories to the front convenience panel.

1-YEAR SMART Learning Suite subscription included.

Only with SMART

Exclusive to SMART Board 7000 Pro Series displays, SMART Ink® software lets you write over videos and websites, and into PDFs and Microsoft Office® files, then save notes right in the file. Even better, Simultaneous Tool Differentiation frees colleagues to write, erase and move notes at the same time.

Unparalleled Collaborative Experience

Today’s workflows are about going beyond communicating to collaborating. SMART has spent 30 years designing hardware and software solutions that work together to create interactive environments.

Multiple users, tools and colors at the same time

With SMART Board 7000 Pro Series, Simultaneous Tool Differentiation frees multiple colleagues to write, erase and move notes at the same time. Pen IDTM recognition and Object awarenessTM detection automatically make pens write in different colors, fingers move and palms erase.

Write and save notes directly into applications

SMART Ink® software lets teams write over videos and into PDFs, Microsoft Office® files and websites, then save notes in almost any file type. Automatically convert notes to text and access tools, such as spotlight, magnifier and screen shade.

Built to use. Built to last

Durable and commercial-grade, SMART Board 7000 Pro Series displays have received many safety, regulatory and environmental certifications, giving you peace of mind that they adhere to government or other regulatory requirements.


  • 75-inch diagonal screen size.
  • 4K Ultra HD video resolution with HDMI 2.0.
  • HyPr Touch™ technology
  • Pen ID™
  • 16 simultaneous touch, writing and eraser points
  • SMART ink™
  • Object awareness™ technology
  • SilkTouch™
  • Access SMART software, content and applications from the on-screen menu.
  • Preview and switch HDMI 1 and 2, DisplayPort and VGA sources from the screen.
  • Dual proximity sensors automatically turn on the SMART Board when you walk in the room.
  • Easily accessible Convenience Panel for power, volume, freeze frame, USB and HDMI inputs.
  • Includes SMART Meeting Pro software
  • ENERGY STAR® certification
  • Three-year limited equipment warranty

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