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    BBC micro:bit Go – The Complete Starter Kit

    BBC Microbit Go
    SGD30.00 SGD50.00 Add to cart
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    Codey Rocky

    Codey Rockey
    SGD142.00 SGD154.00 Add to cart
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    Strawbees – Crazy Scientist Kit

    Strawbees Crazy Scientist Kit
    SGD145.00 Add to cart
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    Strawbees – Maker Kit

    Strawbees Maker Kit
    SGD33.00 SGD38.00 Add to cart
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    BBC micro:bit Club – 10 Starter Kits for the Classroom

    BBC Micro:Bit Club
    SGD250.00 SGD350.00 Add to cart
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    Evo Classroom Kit (12 Bots)

    Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit
    SGD1,799.00 SGD1,989.00 Read more
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    BBC micro:bit board

    Micro:Bit Board
    SGD25.00 SGD60.00 Read more

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